Below A Thousand

4:01 AM

Let’s talk a little bit about fashion. 

I realized that I haven’t shared anything about dressing up, mixing and matching clothes or even owning up to an authentic style. I mean, I’m neither a professional stylist nor a fashion designer but I believe every woman has her own unique way of making herself look presentable, comfortable and fashionable through the accessories and clothes she chooses to wear.

So early this year, I’ve been interested in online shopping especially for clothes and accessories. I’ve come across “bang for the buck” online brands that sell unique fashion pieces for an affordable price.

If you ask me, an upside of online shopping is the convenience of staying at home, uniqueness of catalogues to choose from and the affordability out of the items sold. With these ups, there are downs that you should be ready to conquer! Unlike physical retail shopping, you can’t try on the items to see if they look good on you, you can’t tell if the size fits well, and you won’t know if what they really show online looks the same in real life. It’s actually a pretty interesting experience that makes shopping exciting.

So without further ado, I’d like to share with you all a mix of online and ground store fashion pieces that I got under a thousand pesos. I’ll be mentioning the specific stores that I’ve gotten these items from so that you can check out their latest catalogues and trends if interested. Having worn these pieces for quite some time now, I learned to trust these brands because of the quality of their materials. I can honestly say that these clothes and accessories could easily be mixed and matched with each other so you won’t have any problems at all when it comes to styling. 

Outfit #1: Weekend Pastels

Oversized Pink Jacket from (P900 pesos) 
- A unique thrift store where you can find trendy fashionable items for an affordable price.

The Alexa Top in Sand from @stitch_clothingph (P350 pesos) 
-A dainty online shop that sells good quality elegant pieces.

Striped Pleated Culottes from @shopcopper (399 pesos) 
If street style and Coachella-vibe is your end game, you’d might want to check this shop out. They have really good sale items! 

Sunnies Winona (499 pesos) 
If you want a single accessory to complete any outfit, this is the place to visit. 

White Slip Ons from Payless (P850 pesos) 
White shoes is a fashion staple. If you’re looking for a wide variety of footwear, Payless is the way to go! 

Mon Sac Chloé (P850) 
If you want quality yet affordable and stylish bags, you should check this out. ! 

These are all the online items that I learned to love wearing. They are all easy to mix and match and are most if not all coincidentally local. Amazing right? Also, if you're wondering where and why these photos were taken,  it was just a random day across the park when I realized my outfit was majority from online and I wanted to share to you guys where I got it.So, it's time you've check online stores out. Don’t hesitate to share with me other online brands you think are awesome and your favorite quality and affordable online fashion pieces from them! It's time to support businesses online. It's time we too support local. 

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