Weekend Bag Essentials

5:42 AM

It’s finally the weekend and you know what that means… more time to eat, sleep, relax, and chill out with family and friends. I mean come on, Saturdays and Sundays will always be the two major days we look forward to every week— making it the best days of the week for the majority. 

Anyway, today I’d like to share with you guys my weekend essentials because I’ve noticed that I’ve been using and bringing the same things every weekend whenever I go out and it might help you lessen the stuff you bring too when you’re out and about.

Carrying a ton of weight can be a hassle. It’s better to bring only the things you’ll really need. Here are usually the essentials that I carry:

  1. A small black bag (Forever 21)- Make sure to choose a good quality small bag that can fit the essentials you’ll need.
  2. Toiletries- You’ll always have to keep yourself neat and clean— Don’t forget to bring Alcohol (Green Cross), Perfume (Chloé Roll On) and Wet Wipes or tissue (Watsons) inside your bag! 
  3. Small wallet (Tickles)- This is the most important item on your list. You surely can’t leave the house without it or you're toast! 
  4. Sunglasses (Sunnies- Winona)- If you want to look fab even in your most laziest of days, this is the last piece you should always have in your weekend wardrobe! Also, it can help protect your eyes from the rays of the sun! 
  5. Phone (B.Manila case)- You wouldn’t want to forget the gadget that can document memories, communicate with your loved ones and access internet in case of emergencies.
  6. Lipsticks (Maybelline- Daringly Nude and Nude Embrace)- My lips always get pale for no reason that’s why I bring these two nude lippies with me that enhances my lip color. 
  7. Wide angle lens- You’d want to take really good photos of the view or when you’re with a group of friends. 
  8. Watch (Kenneth Cole)- A simple accessory that can complete any weekend outfit 
  9. Earphones (Apple)- Car rides can seem boring especially if you’re going somewhere really distant, so it’s best to bring this with you so you can listen to your own jam 

These are usually the items I bring every weekend but there are just days when you can’t help but get lady emergencies. So usually in my emergency toiletry kit, I bring the following:

  1. Sanitary Napkins (Modess)- So you can move freely without any hesitation of your period! 
  2. Tissue (A lot of them!)- You always want to keep yourself prepared especially during heavy days. 
  3. Feminine Wipes (Lactacyd)- Easy to bring and keeps you fresh all day! 
  4. Alcohol (Hygienix)- To keep yourself clean and organized wherever you go 

So there you go, these are my weekend bag essentials that I can’t help but carry whenever I go out. What are yours? :)

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