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No, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just a bunch of thoughts on some series that I’ve been watching for the past few months that so happened to be all from Netflix.

Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to squeeze in some time after work to “binge” watch on shows that either I’ve seen online or as recommended by some of my friends. It’s actually pretty nice to get to do this again after so long. It’s definitely a good breather from the everyday work routine. 

 The four shows that I've watched so far from Netflix are Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. If you haven’t seen these shows or you’re planning to watch them, I actually recommend you watch all if you’re not choosy when it comes to the series (like me). They all have different stories with unique plot points that make them significantly stand out on their own. It actually depends on your preference whether you’ll get hooked to these shows or not but for me, I actually try to keep myself updated with all the latest episodes because I learned to like them all. 

Here are short snippets of what to expect and a little advise for the series mentioned:

This was the first ever Netflix show I watched online and I found it interesting and fresh in a sense that it showcases a new story, something unlike other shows that I’ve encountered so far.  If you’re into mystery and “science-fiction horror” kind of series, then this would definitely appeal to you. I wasn’t sure on what to feel at first but I learned to like it especially in the end when I got to realize how the story tied up from start to finish. You honestly wouldn’t expect what would happen next in this series.  It’s quite a thriller so if you’re planning to watch this alone or at night, it’s best to prepare yourself for some chills you might feel.  I for one felt it. 

I actually found out about this show through Selena Gomez’s post on Instagram. Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book yet so this will be from the perspective of a non-reader. If I had to describe the show in one word, it would have to be interesting in a sense that it’s not like the typical story you’d hear people talking about or authors writing about. This I think was one of the reasons why I easily liked the show. I loved how they were able to balance the plot points despite the series portraying a strong and delicate message. ‘Cause the show is about suicide which is no doubt a heavy topic, I advise you watch lighter shows or vlogs in between the episodes so that you could balance your thoughts and feelings (just like Black Mirror). After watching all thirteen episodes, it honestly makes you think how this story is a reality to some people out there and how you can’t imagine the pain they must feel. 

If you’re an Archie comics fan, you might have mixed signals on what to think or feel for this show since this isn’t a spin-off of the comics that you know and love. It’s a twist on what we thought was Riverdale that showcases more of its darker side. Because it’s a mystery teen drama kind of series , it has its similarities with the show, PLL, but it’s not totally the same. There are unexpected twists and turns that’ll make you want to watch episode after episode. I guess for me what really gives life to the series are the characters even if they have different personalities in the show. My favorites so far are Jughead and Veronica.  

The first time I heard about this show was from my friends in the office. They were exchanging stories on their thoughts and reactions for some episodes which made me really curious. I wanted to be part of their conversation so I decided to watch the series since I’ve also read good reviews about it online. My oh my! If you plan to watch Black Mirror, I advise you watch it with another lighter show like Friends or How I Met Your Mother since there are a number of heavy episodes that’ll make you rethink the future of media and the dark side it can take you to. The first episode was a definite eye-opener, you’ll see when you start watching the show!  If you’re wondering what I did when I watched these episodes, I watched them in between vloggers I follow online which gave me a balance on what to think and feel. 

 The specific episodes I liked in these series were entitled 'White Bear' and 'White Christmas'. If you didn’t know, these episodes aren’t “episodic”, which means that they aren’t connected to each other so you can choose which ones to watch first. This is actually an advantage in disguise.  You’ll notice it since after every episode,  you can’t help but think what the future of innovative media could do and how it can affect us if it happens today. 

Given that I shared these thoughts with all with you, I hope you get to partner binge watching with really great food. For me, popcorn, Jamaican patties and fruit shakes are always the best combo for times like these. Hopefully you’ll get to watch these shows soon or better yet to share with me your thoughts and opinions on them too! Happy Binge watching! :) 

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