Behind the Dragon

12:20 AM

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Working as a community manager for the Food and Beverage segment of Shangri-La at the Fort, I was lucky enough to celebrate Chinese New Year with them. Being able to eat authentic Chinese food from one of their prime outlets, Canton Road and getting the chance to witness their lion dance shows for two days straight made it a celebration to remember. 

Cold Mixed Noodle with Cucumber, Scallion & Sesame Sauce 

Crispy Mingan Pork Wrapped in Bean Curd

What made the past two days memorable to me was when I had to chase the Lion and Dragons around the hotel as they enter the different restaurants and rooms to collect Ang Paos, coins and Chinese cabbage for good luck! I was tasked to do live coverages of the Chinese New Year event in the hotel, and it was great to see everyone smile, participate and join the fun.

I really have to commend all those people behind the dragon and lion costumes, because they made the celebration really special. Seeing them show their strength and perseverance to help bring luck to different places and to put on a good show for everyone was amazing! 

What hit me hard during the event was witnessing a dragon who struggled to catch an ampao because of fatigue. This dragon didn’t give up at all! It tried five times and eventually managed to catch it.

This little moment, for me, is story to tell. Let’s look behind the hidden masks that surrounds us and find value in the little things. Let’s really be thankful for everyone around us and for the impact they have left on us.  

This Chinese New Year, let’s be more grateful. Let’s wish everyone a prosperous new year filled with good health, fortune and lots of love. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai! So happy that you are enjoying what you are doing. At least, we found something that you will be able to maximize your skills! Love love, Rach!

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