Dare To Dream

6:59 AM

We all have a dream. My dream is to pursue my passion for photography, and to embrace everything I love - like food and travel and spontaneous adventures.

I've always believed that a dream, simple as it may be, can motivate anyone to become the best versions of themselves - a version that they’d actually really like. For me,  having a dream is like having an imaginary mentor who pushes you to be who you want to be when you want it to happen.

In January, I was lucky enough to catch 2 films that really made me think about what dreams truly mean -  Sing and La La Land.

Being a kid at heart and seeing the trailer more than once, it was inevitable that I would watch Sing! with my cousin. From the very start, the movie makes you realize how dreams shape who you are, and that they can either make or break you. We shouldn’t force our dreams to happen, but patiently make it happen in our own pace. We should also never let go of a dream we have just because other people hate it. It’s OUR dream. It’s no one else’s. Wake up and dream big! To dream is to point your life to the direction of where you want it to go and nothing else. 

Just like the characters in the movie, learn to never let go of your dreams no matter what other people say. It’s only you who can determine what life you’d want to live. Nothing else or no one else should get in your way of what makes you happy. Cliche as it sounds, don’t let anything ruin your sparkle! It’s only you who will regret it in the end. 

I also got to see La La Land! I never expected it to be a good balance of music, story and cinematography.

We’re used to movies that show dreams coming true. In La La Land, you get to see the other side of the coin and how complicated dreams can be as you try to pursue them. It's movies like this one that encourage you to accept life, no matter how painful and heartbreaking it can get. It also teaches you how sacrifice and chance play a part in dreams. 

Honestly, you can have it all- a successful life, a full bank account and dreams coming true, but sometimes it can't or won't happen the way you want it too. Even so, dare to dream big and see what direction it takes you! Never let anything get in your way.  It’s never too late to dream a new dream. Just always remember that you can always dream. Just be sure that if you do have dreams, make sure it’s for you and it’s really what you want. 

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